Uncommon leaders have uncommon coaches. 

Work exclusively with Special Operations veterans.



We only work with those who want to become uncommon in all aspects of their lives and businesses. The focus will remain on the quality of our results, thus availability will be limited. 

1-on-1 coaching with Special Operators. Expect regular check-ins and meetings throughout your engagement. We deliver top-level strategic planning and maximum accountability. 


You will develop you own vision and intention as a leader. Just as elite members of Special Operations craft a framework for their missions, you will create an actionable plan to break through your perceived limitations. 


Meet the Team


Christian served as a 160th Night Stalker, the most elite helicopter pilots in the world.  As both a rated attack and assault special operations aviator, he finished his service as one of three commissioned officers in the unit’s history to achieve that skill level. 


Kevin served more than two decades as a Navy SEAL, where he was trained to establish and lead units to conduct military actions as part of Special Operation missions. Kevin also led BUD/S 1st Phase SEAL training as the senior instructor in the world’s most demanding selection course. He went on to become the CEO of an early-stage renewable energy company, and as managing director of an investment firm.